Something really fucked up just happened a few minutes ago. October is the worst month on the calendar I swear.

Today on a whole was just stupid and fucked. And I hated it. THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL I HATED.

I miss the first week of school so bad.

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  1. It’s ok Kayla, I’m still here for you. And besides, we’ll be back in the band soon, we just need to practice a bit. He’s not kicking us out.

  2. Omg is that why yours and Dan’s names are no longer on the myspace site ? They kicked yall out ? WHY ? WTF happened ? aim me ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    well u guys do need the practice…no offense kayla but can u even read music??
    anyway, things will come back together….good luck practicing….
    comment on my xanga

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