During math, our teacher had to video tape us to show people that he’s doing his job or whatever. During english we went into the theater to get our pictures taken. During art, the girls I sit with starting talking about this guy who got gay-bashed cause he’s gay and they felt bad for him and stuff so they’re not homophobes. w0oT. Lunch was weird. Pat spit into this cup and bryan almost drank it. Cormac saved him though. At st marys, all we did was talk about nasty stuff. At beacon high, people actually do nasty stuff. hah

In spanish, the teacher left because he had to go to some kinda conference in albany and a substitute came in. I don’t really remember what else happened. During lunch I had stolen all these sweet tarts and this nerds box thing from Rachel and I had them all shoved in my pocket and through biology and spanish I ate them. Biology was mad funny. I sit next to emily and rachel in it and we were all trading sweet tarts. I was giving emily the orange and yellow ones cause I don’t like them and rachel gave me purple ones and I gave her green ones. God it was so funny.

Nicole told me to skip 7th and go into lunch cause there was some kinda thing with ashleigh going on. (she’s moving to virginia tomorrow) But I don’t wanna get in trouble or anything so I just went to gym. And we played soccor inside again. I don’t know why but I do better when we play it inside instead of outside. Not to mention the goals we use are smaller and easier. lol Global Studies was boring. We took a test. I probably failed it.

Then I went home. My dad started yelling at me because the zipper on my jacket broke off. And he said I’m always breaking zippers on my coats when this actually has only been the 2nd time it happened in my life. (the first time was in 6th grade) And my bookbag strap broke to. And he starts yelling at me asking how it happened and I told him it probably just wore out and he said I did it on purpose to show off to my friends. He’s such a fucking dumbass. It pisses me off so fucking much. And it seems like Lily hates me. She’s always picking on me and no one else. She does it all the time. I won’t even say anything and she’ll be like what are you looking at or stop talking so much kayla (in sarcasm) Everyone’s been picking on me. I barely ever insult my friends. Everyone’s just taking me for granted now that I’m so “happy”

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