i’m really scared and its times like now i know why bayside is my favorite band

listening to shudder now, was listening to sirens and condolences last night

and i’ve been craving to get fucked up. seriously want to drink and smoke so bad. to oblivion.

edit at 4:04pm

angel hates my negativity, what the fuck am i gonna do?

i’ve always been a crybaby and i’ve been doubtful since i’ve had hormones to feel emotions

i dont know how the fuck to do this.

i can be positive, i can be happy and shit

but there are still times shit fucking gets to me. i can’t fucking help it. its just how i react. its how my head works. its how i feel. i dont know how to control those 2 at once.

ugh. i feel drained. a blunt to relax would  feel amazing right now.

what is so wrong with that.

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