life is crazy.

me amanda and patar have been smoking blunts at the riverfront in my car and they talk about how drugs have made them so psychotic and how fucked the world would be if we could never use electricity again. its pretty intense..

amanda is turning 20 in september.. i dont want to turn 20. thats such a big number. i get so worried of what life is gonna be like when im 30.. or 50… shits gonna be so weird. but when you dont die you just live.

there’s 8 beers in my trunk. i dont know what to do. im gonna go to dominos at like 9 to pick amanda up. we get paid tomorrow. i know i made like $890 something

i hate angel. she’s a fucking bitch. girls are fucking crazy. i hate her. i think i’m gonna be single for another 2 years or some shit. nothing is worth it…. amanda said she’s being single for a while too…. thats cool..

fuck everyone honestly. i love my job and i love my best friend.

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