wow…. i’m about to get really successful…

me and neal had a talk before i left. he said he doesnt believe paul is stepping up on his hustle so there’s a really good chance he’s gonna leave me with the GM position… this is soo intense. $1000 a week and about 34 to 60 grand a year he said.. i got mad shit to learn in the next few months.. him and pete both believe i can do it. this is so awesome. this is gonna be a lot of responsibility. but its gonna be so awesome. i mean, who the hell starts a job and then OWNS their job within a year!? lmao. this makes me feel so good about myself.

he was teaching me shit about labor percentage and overtime shit. i understand the whole thing mostly. the reason why i make almost a grand every 2 weeks is cause he knows that i know how to get shit done and do my job. and then there’s people that are really slow with shit and they get less hours.

man this shit is crazy. i’m gonna be the owner of Domino’s. well not the only owner but yeah i’ll basically run the place. THIS IS NUTS.

there’s a class he wants me to take thats coming up in a few weeks for customer service.. he wants me and amanda to go and i’m actually pretty down for it. the only problem is its in NJ and i gotta get there myself.. but i’m definitely getting a GPS soon.. in fact i think amanda already got me one for my birthday LOL idk she got me something thats rectangular, cost like $260, has rainbow colors and is for display and is for my car. idk. i definitely need a GPS soon.

And they say people who smoke weed everyday go nowhere in life.

HAHA. i hate angel. stupid bitch.

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