what a long ass day

i got a gps which kicks ass.

got lava cakes for breakfast, for free, which ruled.

gotta wake up mad early for school lunch, which sucks

amanda said she’d come to help which is awesome

i have a strong feeling im gonna start my period tomorrow which is lame.

lol. im sooo burnt. we never made hash brownies but we did make walnut brownies

i still have a bag which im totally saving for tomorrow cuz im working 12 hours and i know i’ll want it

we killed a lot of the gas i just put in the car which was $20 worth. its really lame how i constantly need gas

i wanna take a week off and just go somewhere far.

i need a haircut

the internet is really fucking lame

but on may 30th, story of the year is coming to the chance. totally taking off that day asap. story of the fucking year.

i should probably wear a pad to bed. i should probably go to sleep soon cuz i hate waking up tired but i wanna stay up

i should probably cut back on drinking cuz i keep getting headaches the next day and it sucks. me and amanda killed an 18 pack last night and didnt go to her house till 3:30ish lol

we need to cut back on spending money because we wanna go to the gathering. i wanna make sure my new gps is updated.

i hate angel. she’s retarded and dumb.

i like the song apple shampoo by blink 182. it reminds me of her.

i wanna see kickass. maybe me amanda and patar will smoke a blunt then go to the movies tomorrow night. lol

theres a lot of cool pictures on my phone i wanna upload. omg

without the r cuz that would be the end of forever. amanda did this.

my beautiful heart rocks.

yay 5 stars

lava cakes rule



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