I DONT KNOW what to dooooooo 😦

i said hi, then she said hi and then i said so why do you still respond to me and she said something like i dont know and i was like well deep down you know you really dont want to talk to me but then she said

angel: actually its the opposite. guess i am fucked up n the head after all. its wear i cant stand u but i feel down or lost wen i dont talk to u an i hate that feelin the most. i’m not even gonna stay n this apt wen kyle leaves.
me: i dont understand
angel: i don’t either
me: so stop
angel: ? wat i do?
me: idk it was a bad idea to text you
angel: No. i feel happy u did
me: i dont think you remember but you hate me
angel: No i remember fine u told me u hated me, i cant hate u i’ve tried already
me: 😦
angel: y sad face? nething but sad face i rather see angry than sad
me: i’m going to sleep goodnight
angel: y? wat i do? 😦
angel: i’m srry for watever i said wrong
me: my heart breaks to talk to you. bye.
angel: 😦 so does mine but its worse wen i dont talk to u. i cant even go shower or go to bathroom or even go n kyles room n go n kitchen with out thinkin bout u that’s y i said i’m not stayin n this apt it drives me crazy sometimes.
angel: but bye i guess
me: we’re over.
angel: i kno
me: 😦 bye
angel: stop it don’t go
me: why angel? why.
angel: cuz i dont want u too i cant handle it
me: okay so what do you want me to do.
me: you’re the fucking one that wanted me to stop talking to you. i text you once and all of a sudden you need me? why the fuck couldnt you text me
angel: idk jus dont go nething but that
me: i dont want to talk to you. you dont make sense and you’re unfair
angel: i was gonna message u on FB but i got scared n deleted it earlier believe it or not i was goin to. i thought u’d freak out on me n then it just make me more sad.
me: i dont believe you.
angel: ur rite i’m sorry. u can go…
angel: i know…
me: you broke my fucking heart. and you know deep down you do NOT want shit to do with me. so fucking stop.
me: you wanted this shit to be over, well its fucking over.
me: i dont want you anymore
angel: ur wrong on that. but ur nt gonna believe me.
angel: i know. i dont wanna fight…
angel: i know… 😦
angel: i wouldnt want me either.
me: you make me so upset. just shut up.
angel: i’m sorry… 😦 ok i’ll shut up..
me: what is wrong with you
angel: i dont wanna upset u. i’m not tryin to i’m srry.
me: are you really that desperate right now
angel: wats wrong with me? idk… kinda feel like a mess rite now.
me: you’re awful.
angel: no i’m not desperate?? wat would i b desperate about?
angel: i know i am.. ur rite..
me: do you really think i’ll believe this. do you realize how many times we’ve been going back and forth. what happened to putting your stupid fucking foot down huh??
angel: i know. i cant with u i try to n i cant follow thru ne one else i can just quit talkin to with no problem n thats y i’m kind of a mess rite now cuz i’m nt understanding y its so hard with u
angel: i’m nt expecting u to believe me.
me: then what the fuck is your problem with me. why the fuck did you do all this?
angel: idk cuz i thought i could move on like i did with everyone else
me: theres a million reasons you’ve got angel. shut the fuck up and go.
me: go the hell to sleep. please. you’re out of your mind.
me: “dont think you have me always cuz you dont” i will never get that out of my head
angel: ok. i kno…well at least i got to talk to u for a bit.. i’m happy about that. good night n bye
me: what time are you waking up tomorrow
angel: i dont wanna fight but there things u said u dont mean that i cant get outta my head
angel: 6am y?
me: why dont you tell me them huh? tell me what they are
angel: “i hope u get cancer n die” “i wanna hit u n the face” “fuck u” “your a whore” “i wanna spit in ur face” “your nothing”
me: i’m sorry. .
me: are you tired
angel: its ok. i’m not blaming u or nething but part of the reason i feel a little messed up n the head is cuz of the things u say to me. no one has ever said nething like that to me. n now i dont trust ne one.

i called her after that. we slept on the phone. i cried during most of this text conversation

we’re talking again.

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