neal has given me permission to fire lorenzo tomorrow if he’s late. he was late last week by 17 minutes, and i definitely remember him being late the week before. hes mad slow, has been working at dominos for over 4 months and amanda already knows more than him. he only works one day a week and he NEVER answers any fucking phone calls and hes just fucking mad slow. neal told me if hes late that i can fire him and if i do, to call him right away. this is gonna be funny i bet.

i was definitely clocked out like 5 hours before i actually left. neal definitely needed me there too. i did dishes most of the time but amanda told me to help her once lol there were so many dishes. that would’ve sucked for the closing drivers. lolz.

im opening with amanda tomorrow yayyy. shes gonna start selling ecstacyyyy on may 6th. this is gonna be nuts. shes already selling weed mad quick, these e pills omg. amandas gonna be hustling crazy lol. i told her if we use my car, its either going for a ride or its gonna be far away from us. and everything goes in the compartment, which can be locked. so its awesome. this will be awesome. shes gonna buy mad of them for $5 each and then sell them for $15. omg. we so get to do them too. omg hahah. she got me mad excited when she told me when shes getting them today lolol. this saturday is the 1st. i cant believe that! its already may almost. nuts. that means summer soon! yayyy. i should sleep.

angel’s being a bitch. shes either being a bitch or she fell asleep. without saying goodnight though????????????? i think shes being a bitch. shes been talking to her ex who just got out of a break up and who she just so happened use to love a lottttt. yeah thats just great. fml. nothings ever gonna happen between us though. shes just way too far and its just too much. i wish i didnt care and need this so much. its bullshit. love is bullshit. i came to the conclusion actually a few nights ago and i dont believe in true love anymore. but i do believe in soul mates. and if there are soul mates, then im pretty sure amanda’s gotta be it. i’ve stopped caring about a lot of other things after i decided that. amanda’s my bestie.

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