i closed for the first time by myself tonight as the only insider and it was badass. rich was my closing driver. we got shit done quick. i was out by 1. it was awesome. i loved not going in till 5. it was pretty sweet.

this guy ryan got fired tonight. he fucking put the garlic oil that we put around the crust, on all over the pizza. i had to remake it. he fucked up. i told neal and he said ‘no more ryan.’ lol fucking around with the customers food is an automatic termination.

neal texted me something too and it made me feel really good about myself. it kinda made me feel happy and proud.
“just make sure u don’t take any shit from anyone ever…u know what to do in there and u are doing a pretty good job but being so young ppl will think they can get away with things u know they can’t and sometimes ppl need to have an example made out of them”

idk why but this text made me feel really good. alex told me today he thought me and amanda were in our 20s LOL. which is crazy cuz i always get told i look like a year younger than i actually am. alex called me very responsible and mature for my age. that made me feel good too 🙂

i fucking love dominos.when i go there, its my damn world in there. when i first started, everything fucking confused me and i hated going because i wouldnt know what i was doing and it was horrible. but now, its like. i know everything. but there’s still so much more i don’t know and that i want to know. 🙂

its annoying but kinda funny how when i came in, paul (he opened) left, and everyone had questions about what to do or how to fix something. and i know all the answers to questions 🙂 i feel like i can finally do good some place. and because of that, domino’s is my world. and neal is the shit too.

this is gonna be a crazy year man.
i have off tomorrow.

me and angel don’t talk again. shit happens.

i miss my mom.

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