i fell asleep last night as the birds were chirping. i hate nights like that. i havent been too tired i guess but i am now

the class today was ridiculous. we were a half hour late cuz idk. traffic lights in the 973 (lol) suck. they’re sideways. its so gay. and theres like 2 of them… its ridiculous. idk they usually have one traffic light here that has 4 sides and its in the middle of intersections.. not 8 different traffic lights, 2 for each direction…lol wtf? … idk whatevs

there was some raging dyke who was like, way into her job teaching the class. and im pretty sure me and amanda were the only ones from new york. it was funny cuz we had 5 star pins and no one else did so i guess we were cool… omfg… we had to go down to the store to make test pizzas i guess and that was cool i guess.. except they use a different sauce spoon.. and they have a cheesing machine… they had a huge walk in and a million boxes folded.. i mean its obvious they get more business i guess but omg… shit was SO unorganized. me and amanda thought so. i couldnt do it. their makeline was crazy too.. i would hate to close that store… fuckkk that… amanda definitely did a better job than me i say… ehhh

im lazy and tired. i want to sleep and be by my self.

negativity breeds negativity. and im getting pretty sick of being around amanda all the time. i just have to say it. she does not care about herself. she does not care if she dies this second. she’ll says that all the time. how could she care about anyone else if thats how she really feels. i dont trust her anymore. i dont.

i’m alone.

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