i’m doing great. i’m fucking free. no more fucking stupid pressure from all her stupid fucking wants and needs.

i am free. this is definitely done this time. i honestly dont want this anymore. honest. i dont. why the hell would i want this? i think she must’ve purposely done this. i should thank her, haha. she let it go nice and easy and slow.

its just a little sad. because when reality sets in, she never REALLY loved me. she didnt. she wanted me to change completely. i cannot change for her. she wants me to move far away from everything. its not happening. she doesnt love me because i was never what she loved.

and it feels great to have myself back. fuck her. Can’t believe i fell in love. it sucks. its gonna take a while but i’ll be okay now. my heart feels a little fucked up but i’m just gonna keep listening to alkaline trio and i’ll be okay.

fuck bitches and whores and sluts and fuck angel mae spiers….

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