totally was supposed to open today. totally had my alarm set to PM instead of AM. was totally mad scared to call neal

but he wasnt hard on me about it surprisingly. he told me paul got there at 11:10 and we probably didnt miss a call between that time and that hes overslept before too and it does happen and idk. im just sooo glad he didnt yell at me. cuz honestly if he were to yell at me i probably wouldve cried and felt shitty about myself. i KNOW its important to be on time, thats why i come in an hour early every weekend. i know whats important. hopefully its slow tonight so i can clean stuff or something. i cleaned our dominos rug thats in carryout, its better now

if it really came down to it, i really gotta do some crazy fucked up shit for neal to fire me. i know i got to. if anything hes gotta only at least suspend me. i dont want to be full of myself, but i know i’ve done and will still do a damn lot for that store.. i remind myself this EVERYTIME something bad happens to me there… this job really saves me.. idk what i’d fucking do without dominos… when neal moves to florida im gonna really miss him.. hes helped me so much and hes still helping me in a lot of ways too…

i told angel i hates her and she said ok. next time she texts me i wont respond… whata fucking fake..

 i love dominos so soo much

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