i wish i saved the other stuff she said to me.

“i miss you. i’m thinking about u. i remember wen i first saw u n the car n u seen me n u turned ur head away from me 🙂 n our first hug lol u pretty much dragged me in the car.”

“first kissy was n my closet >:). i miss ur kissys so much. i love holding you while cooking 🙂 i love holding u period.”

“i love wrestling with u. i loved wen u took up the whole couch n u just laid on top of me like u own me or something ;)”

“i know i screwed up a lot. and i’m srry. i really am. i don’t wanna lose u. i can’t afford to.”

i love her so much. this is exactly all and everything i needed.

closed tonight and gotta open tomorrow. gotta sleep now. she is already ❤

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