i woke up today a little before 4

Neal wanted me to come in to close cuz his car overheated so i did of course. he finally gave patar a job so now i work with amanda and patar yayy. it was good today. not too busy so it was smooth mostly. my internet hasnt been working and idk why. im gonna tell my dad about it tomorrow. i have my router on and the internet does work and it does go to the homepage, buut any other link i click it says “your requested URL could not be found” it stopped working the day there was a storm so idk if that did anything or if its just my laptop. idk. i need to tell my dad tomorrow.

before i clocked out tonight, i looked how many hours i put it today and it said “7.77” and then i looked at the time and it was 12:35 and i miss her. 2 years. 2 whole years. i miss her. and thats all i can do.
neal’s going to las vegas soon for like a week and he wants me to place the food orders for that week. paul’s jealous of me cuz i get paid more than him.

i got my period and it blows. i think i might be getting them normally now. idk i mightve missed last month but i’ve been getting them like every month now. honestly, this is gonna sound retarded probably but i think it mightve been un-normal cuz i needed to have sex more. i mean, i’m lesbian so my hormones could probably be retarded. and like, yeah pretty much every time i’ve had (good) sex i’ve bled. especially the first few times. so idk. who knows. human bodies are weird.

people are crazy. angel’s waiting for me and i cant talk on the phone and be on the internet on this at the same time soo0o0o0o goodnight.

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