i’ll never figure out whats wrong with the internet

Oh well. i’ve been thinking of going somewhere else with it to see if it works there but im lazy. i was gonna bring it to angels in august anyway. im going august 3rd-14th i already wrote the dates on the schedule at dominos. im coming back on the 14th so i can work again the 15th. leaving is gonna be hell probably. im bringing MAD cds. i gotta make sure when i leave i get all the sleep i can beforehand. im gonna get tired enough of driving, i dont want to get actually sleepy. i’ve been wanting to get on the road though lately lol that sounds retarded but going places is fun i mean. i like exploring. i have a car now. i wanna just GO! lol. its gonna suck though cuz i know exactly how 5 hours of the 10-11 hour drive is gonna be. im gonna hop on the 84 highway and im just gonna stay on the one road for like 298 miles. do you know how lond 298 miles goes? thats like all the way through PA almost. and even when i reach the welcome to ohio sign, i still gotta go another 3 hours or so! she lives all the way on the other end. we really need to live closer. we’re still talking about things though so i dont wanna put anything here yet.

oh yeah i fired lorenzo, neal thought it was funny, rich thought it was epic and everyone else is happy. its not my fault he wasnt taught how to read. but im sick of that guy getting special treatment for no reason. he threw a phone at me, said that things were bullshit and fuck you to me and i told him to go home and that was THE FASTEST anyone has ever seen that guy go. ha ha.

im bored. i have no friends anymore! im happy with it cuz everyone fucks you over anyway. everyone does. whatever. angel said she’d be my bff. lol@that.

im tired again. theres nothing on tv. theres nothing ever to do. all ive been doing is sitting on the porch playing sudoku. lol my mom used to sit outside and play crossword.


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