i’ve got a lot of responsibility

For the next 12 days. i actually made a list last night of what i have to do each day. neal left for vegas and i’ve got to place 4 food orders, run an inspection at least once or twice, clean the oven which i want to do on monday night probably after i close, i need to fax service times to him sometime and i think i’m doing the payroll coming up too?? and theres mad other shit. its nutssss. i gotta work 430-close tonight and after i close, i gotta do food order #1 lol. oh man. so much shit.

he was talking to me after making me general manager too and hes gonna put me on salary and its cool though cuz i can make my own schedule. i’ll be making everybody else’s too. i still got mad shit to learn though. One thing i still need to constantly work on is telling people what to do. i always just do shit myself and neal said that its good to know i can do it all myself but dominos is about teamwork or something idk. i know i’ve got a few people who will listen to me but i was trying to get someone to just wash the windows yesterday cuz there were mad handprints but no one would fricking do it. corey finally volunteered and hes one of the few i respect. i need to figure out a way to make people listen to me. Neal said its gonna be hard cuz im so young and people wont take me seriously but idk i’ve never been in a leader type situation like this and thats also why its so hard. i gotta actually learn to be in a manager position, cuz its not just all about knowing what needs to be done. its also about being higher than everybody else and thats a tough spot for me. its annoying as it is with people asking me questions all the time. i’m supposed to have all the answers. i usually do but idk its annoying when i just cant be left alone sometimes. and also dealing with customers, i know how and when i’m ready i can buttttt theres always just some people i just dont feel like dealing with. and i gotta get out of that i have to be able to take on any foreign douchebag who wants a “pisza pie for 5 dollar” lol whatever.

i gotta get ready now

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