working at dominos is my life

If i’m not thinking of angel, i’m thinking of dominos. 9 more days till i leave for ohio. i know on sunday august 1st im working like from 4 to 9 or some shit which is pretty cool cuz im actually not running a shift for once and i hope neal gives me something like that again for the 2nd or as an opener. i wanna make sure i sleep right before i leave. i wanna leave at like 3am. maybe 2 if i’m anxious. i gotta take at least a half hour or hour break somewhere in the middle of the trip. i got this. i’m ready for it. the best part is angel’s coming home with me on the 14th. till like the last day of august then im bringing her back and staying for another 10 days and then coming back september 12th. šŸ™‚ all these dates feel so special to me. she’s the fuckin best. we havent been fighting at all in mad long and its the shit. i love her like maddddd.

since i stopped considering amanda a friend of mine, i feel better with myself and life in general. some days i come into work and she bitches nonstop and it just doesnt end for her. its soooo annoying when shes bitchy like can you just fucking relax? theres never a good reason for her to be mad. never. but today she was decent. honestly its gotta stay that way though. she does make the best pizzas but i cant stand working in negativity and drama. i will not deal with it. im gonna warn her next time shes being bitchy to just keep it shut. anyway

omg theres this one guy whos pretty much a regular customer and he is just the shit and i wanna be his friend. i do. hes got this rainbow thing in his wallet. his name comes up at joe sauter in the caller ID. i think he thinks im cool too cuz tonight idk! hes just awesome it seems. idk how to make friends though especially when im working so oh well. haha

angel’s working till 6am at mcdonalds and shes mad cuz no one appreciates her helping out when she could be HOME on the phone with ME and uhhh i think im gonna have to bitchslap some mo’fuckers. k peace.

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