i love angel

i just woke up. shes at work till 430. i dropped her off and im gonna pick her up. her cats are THE BEST animals in this world. i bought her a guinea pig cuz i really wanted us to have a guinea pig. even though i’ve become allergic to the little cute fucks since like 16 or 17? it fucking SUCKS. cuz the one we got, is still a little baby, and its sooo cuuutte and i named her sniffles cuz she makes me sniffle and sneeze but we got this claritin stuff thats like a tab it just disolves on my tongue and it works for every 24 hours and its been doing pretty good.

lil bit is sleeping, buttercup is sleeping, moe is staring out the window and i believe i just found coco sleeping under the desk. theyre all so lazyyy and spoiledddd. wow even bella (the rat) is sleeping. i guess its just one of those days.

im bringing angel back to new york with me. Moe is the most cuddliest kitten ever i swear to fucking god all he ever wants is attention. hes so cuute. i love cuddly animals

we need to give all the kittys baths though 😦 they have fleas 😦 they havent had baths since angel moved in this apartment. this apartment didnt pass health inspection either (theres fuckin cockroaches walking up the bathroom walls) and the landlord either had to find a place for everyone to stay or give everyone the last 3 months rent free and so they all got it free. but ugh idk.

me and angel have plans.

edit at 7:57pm

i love Valencia and Promise Of Redemption. i like this paragraph

May of 2005:

Hello everyone, as some of you may have heard, this month has been the hardest month of my life.. im just very glad i have a form of expression to help me through these times, and such wonderful and thoughtful people like yourselves surrounding me. I’d Like to first thank everyone and anyone who has kept myself my family, friends, Dana, and her family and friends in their thoughts and/ or prayers, and also those who sent messages. I don’t know where I would be with out you guys and my friends. These songs up on this page right now are dedicated to Dana, From the second i wake up and oh the way were gifts for her that she was luckily able to hear, Live in love is a song that i wrote to let the world know how beautiful she was, and also to let her know how much i miss her and i just hope she can hear me when i sing it to her. I was planning on keeping some of the songs i did for her personal but i figured one thing that helps people through hard times is music and maybe these songs will help someone else along the way cause they sure are helping me. Please feel free to take a listen to the new songs. Theyre very personal songs… i hope you like them and remember to always keep your loved ones close by your side give them that extra five second hug or kiss and never leave on a bad note. I Love you guys in the most sincere way possible. At the shows comming up feel free to please come talk to me, hope to see you there. Live In Love… -Shane

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/promiseofredemption#ixzz0w9gGmvC2

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  1. malikimran says:

    Times of luxury do not last long but pass away very quickly nothing in this world can be long enjoyed.

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