i am allergic to guinea pigs.

my eyes get itchy, red and they swell up bad to the point that its hard to open them
my nose gets runny and stuffy and i sneeze uncontrollably.

claritin works pretty well though. i have the take the 24 hour one like twice a day though.

its ridiculously unfair. im drinking and i’ve been watching guinea pig/bunny videos on youtube the past hour
me and angel decided we need to get sniffles a friend. we also want to get a bunny. baby bunnies are so adorable omg.

its so unfair i love sniffles so much 😦 all i did was pet her yesterday from inside the cage and i felt so horrible 😦 jesus fuck its so unfair. i LOVE her. guinea pigs are my favorite animals! i hope i’m not allergic to bunnies.


shits been annoying.


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