hey xanga heyyyy

i’ve decided story of the year is my new favorite band. no longer bayside. bayside’s been my fav for like 5 years and i still love them but idk. SOTY’s the constant cd has been playing in my car for like ever. every song is amazing. every cd has been amazing. im seeing them in cincinnati on october 7th FOR SURE. plus soty have a song against people who have a problem with gay people. you cannot top that shit ❤ im pretty sure one of them have to be gay too 🙂 plusss idk if im wrong but to me it seems bayside kinda tries too hard. its cool though cuz i love them

OH YEAH I GOT A NEW BUNNYYYYYYYYY. Ifuckingloveeeeeeee her. the place is still a mess. we’re slowly getting things done. im tired

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