The Limousines – “The Future” (LIVE) from David Dutton on Vimeo.

its so weird listening to their album in my car.. Get Sharp is literally the only non-rock album i have haha

me and amanda talked last night. it was weird. i saved the text messages.

Me: is neal working right now?
Amanda: yup..i had jessica watch those kelly videos cuz shes never saw them n she thinks theyre funny as hell : )
Amanda: i miss u! drinkin was always better wit u cuz we were awesome : )
Me: really? cuz i gotta call to see if he’ll refer me so i can call the store right now for him? and yay jessica commented my facebook saying so. we always had the best times drinking. dont forget the bed intruder video
Amanda: yea i showed her that too n yea hes at the store..hes open to close all weekend cuz of amanda..
Me: neal totally hates me lol at least i was a great worker
Amanda: he doesnt hate u..he just wants u back in his store..believe me..
Me: 😦 i bet. i bet rich and corey are pissed too. 😦 i really am sorry. but you gotta do what you gotta do

then she was talking to me about how rich is in the hospital from some accident but im not typing all that down

Amanda: awww..thats i kind miss u n im kinda sorry about the argument we was really stupid n yea..i just wanted to clear that up..
Me: you are drunk haha dont worry about it, its past
Amanda: im not that birthday kinda sucked honestly..n to tell u the truth it was so hrad not to cry the day u left..yea im drinkin so i am sayin more shit then i would if i were sober but i do miss u..u were my bfff for like 2 years..who can get over that?
Amanda: best friends foreve but witout the r cuz that would be the end of forever.. : )
Me: not that drunk? thats deff something we would both say no matter what haha. we’re still sisters betch. i miss you too, i was kinda waiting for you to say sorry cuz idk you always have something negative to say about everyone and that time patrick came to pick you up and you even got annoyed he came early and it just worried me that you had things against me too or something. i figured if i left people would appreciate me more also but its too late now, im happy here
Amanda: i no..i already knew wen u aked me about leavin.. n honestly im happy ur happy..but it deff sux not havin a bfff..wen i think about us i wanna cry n it hurts more that this didnt happen b4 u left..i love u gayla n u will always be my bfff, my sister…n its hard livin witout u but shit happens i long as we never forgoet each other.. ur still number 1 on my myspace : )
Me: Awwwwwwwwwwww amanda 🙂 stop ittt you can text me anytime. be my text bff? 🙂 im always here you can text me anytime crazy beotch ❤
Amanda: awww i wouldn’nt be a beotch without u. cuz ur the betch and im the botch.

and then we were talking about funny videos on youtube and i told her how i told neal about the bed intruders video but i doubt he watched it and she said:

“probably seems like hes slackin alot.. honestly i just hate being fuckied over..meaning there is no one to call wen someone calls out..if anything shit has got worse since u left..n i keep sayin shit to neal but it seems like the closer he gets to leavin the less he cares..”

i went to bed and that pretty much was the last text she sent me.. i feel bad.

but oh well man.

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