omg i am lazy. i woke up a little over a half hour ago. i originally woke up at 8 to bring angel to work. and when i got back , i went back to sleep. and now im just the laziest piece of crap ever. i neeed a job sooooo much. actually, while i was sleeping, dominos from trenton called me finally after exactly 1 week of doing background search and they want me to start soon. i have to call them back but i wanna know if theyre franchise or corporate, how much theyre gonna start me off an hour and if they sell hoagies there. we never made hoagies in new york. also the dominos from west chester (20 minutes away) called me. i probably wont call back.

okay i’m calling

wordddddddddddddddddd startin off at $8, depending how good i can get to $10!!, its a franchise, she does give overtime if labor is good, she even said how one her workers she let get 50 hours which is what i always got! fuck yeahhh


FUCK yeah

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