its so unorganized at dominos. its deff not a store i’d work too hard for. i just cant.
in ny, it was a little messy, but i made everything organized.
its so hard to explain.

this guy kris combs, is such a goddamn faggot. i wanted to ask him if he has assburgers or something. everyone knows hes crazy. hes completely psycho! i dont feel like writing more about him

that manager guy brooks is weird too. idk i hope hes not coming onto me to anything. he was some manager at a restaurant in maine but he lost it or something and had to sell his car, truck, motorcycle and he flew out here and rides a bike around and trained to be a manager at dominos, but he didnt know anything about dominos and hes just an assistant manager anyway. hes really bossy and in-charge like. its just weird.
doug is pretty chill. pam is really nice. katrina is nuts but cool. alicia is alright. candy is cool.
everyones got a midwestern accent.

i dont really know anyone else.

im off monday and tuesday, im opening the store on wednesday and saturday for my first times. i got a key and everything. its gonna be weirdddd. i dont even know what to do. like everything is just done differently.

i kinda miss my routines. oh well.

i got 30 hours in since i started. and next week i have about 30 hours too. blah.

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