cant sleep

I went on facebook and this guy kenny who turns out to be an ex of one of my old friends (the nobodies) and he called my brother a bitch. cuz kevin posted a status how he drank this liquor his friend made which was like “198 proof” and then kenny started saying something and my brother was like ‘i could never drink anything straight up cuz it would taste too much like ass’ and i liked that because i agree i never drink straight up either and then kenny commented saying ‘kevin your a bitch’ and i said ‘yeah kevin’s a bitch cuz he has taste buds that still work’ that really kinda got me mad. like really? you’re a dumb fuck. he has a default of him drinking something too. like woah so cool. idk. i’d stick up for my brother idc i was thinking about it and i think the reason kevin hated me was maybe cuz of that time when i was in 3rd grade and these guys (yeah guys, not even girls) would pick on me so after school he got into a fight with them and one of them punched him and hurt him 😦 and ever since then i think he didnt care. unless he was really an ass to hate me for being ‘goth and gay’ whatever.

i miss my dad he called yesterday and there wasnt really anything new to talk about but he just called to hear my voice. i worry about him cuz hes getting old. its weird.

i wanna smoke weed kind of bad. its been almost 2 months and theres no way i could anytime soon its so crazy. i wanna drink or something but i need someones help i gotta try to get someone from my job to get it everyones older except the girls and im sure itll be cool if i let them buy a beer orr keep the change or ugh anythingggg. this sucks.

tomorrows my last day off and angel works at mcdonalds 8-4 and then 530-930 at gamestop. and then i’ll never see her again all over again. shes off on the weekends at mcdonalds but friday she works 8-4 again and at dominos i work 4-close (1am so ill be home around 2) and life is depressing.

we were playing call of duty together earlier trying to beat some missions and we beat 2 we’ve been having trouble on but then these other 2 we were getting really frustrated on. and it made me sad cuz its just a video game but she was still irritated. ugh idk.

i guess i should sleep. just had a lot on my mind.

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