today was goood. work was weird. it started off busy which was fun and interesting and made the time go by. but at like 130 it died. and i couldnt stop yawning. started prepping pizzas at like 230 for this timed order. candy came like an hour early. i made 15 of them, she made the last 5. i loaded them and grabbed the oven all by myself thoughhhh. and after that i left. before i left candy was telling me how she thinks i deserve at raise 😀 and i told her everyones gonna be mad at her cuz katrina used to tell me how candy never gives out raises cuz katrina was working there for 2 years or something and hasnt gotten anything. she’s still a csr because shes under 18. doug has gotten a .75 raise within 2 years too apparently. but candy said she’s not worried about the “kiddies” and shes only concerned about me and doug. candy wants to bring me back up to what i was making in ny which was 9.50. before she hired me she told me i’d get a raise up to $10. that’d be crazy if i ever get paid as much as i was in ny. its pretty good too that i work at a pretty busy store which makes mad money. candy just got a new makeline and got a guy to clean the oven and everything. im pretty sure there’s a health inspection coming up but i forgot when.

i like working open to 4 in the afternoon. cuz angel gets out at 4 too and it worked so much better. cuz i get to actually seee herrr but tomorrow i’m working 5-cl (1am) and she works 8-4 but i still have time to pick her up and bring her home. and sunday i work 4-cl but at least thats at midnight. and shes got off sunday. saturday we both have off. we have soooo much to do saturday

we wanna get a pumpkin, i need to paint my rainbow outfit and i asked candy and she said i can wear my costume to work on halloween!!! and we need to get a big ass cage for the cats cuz we need to do something about moe shitting everywhere. we just cleaned out the litter box and he still shits on carpet. he probably pisses everywhere too. i even caught coco doing it. its really annoying. i dont know why they wont learn. we smack them, we give them treats, theyre just retarded! blah.

the new valencia cd is incredible. i finally got it today. the day it came out, i went to walmart, target and meijer. shittiest cd selections ever. smartly, i went to the dayton mall to go to fye today. i love fye. we passed by a store called superpetz (like that myspace app!) and i totally wanna go back and check that place out. we also have to go back cuz there was this CUTE as fuck hat thing in spencers, omg these hats are in hot topic too, theyre like things you put on your head to keep warm i guess and there was one of a bunny which was pretty cute but there was a black cat one and i WANT ITTTT so bad.

im awesome because i still go into a cd store, and i buy a cd.
i think, if there ever comes a time when a band doesnt make a physical cd, only a digital one,

i’ll just be really mad i guess.

i need to go get my ohio license saturday too. i passed the test on my 2nd try but they needed my birth certificate. those places always want a million identifications.

angel’s playing call of duty. i wanna play too. im really tired. i need to get my new card in the mail from chase cuz i lost my last one. i went to chase like 6 days ago to cancel my old card and get mailed a new one. they said it takes 5-7 days. it better come or im gonna have to go backkk.

angel makes funny faces when shes playing call of duty. im so tired.
is this detailed enough?

moe is so evil.

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