I love Angel<3

when i brought her to work this morning, i stayed there and slept in my car cuz when i sleep in my car, i can actually wake up and get up but if i sleep in the bed, i usually tend to sleep hours more then i should cuz the bed makes me super lazy and plus angel went on a break at 1130 so i got to see her an extra half hour before midnight/1am 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

i still miss her though. shes off tomorrow but i work 10:00-4. friday and saturday i got offffff. i cant remember sunday but im probably closing.

it was funny cuz when she got on break, she came to my car but i was still sleeping (with my mouth open too wtf lol) and she knocked on the window really loud cuz i locked my doors and when i woke up, i was dead asleep and i was all what the fucks going on haahha  i was still in a daze after 10 minutes too lol i was mad tired but it was worth waking up to have her hugs ❤ i’d die without her hugs. no one in the world is as cuddly as she is. i used to call her my angelbunny before and last night i was like “if you be my bunny, i’ll be your guinea pig” cuz we have the bunny and guinea pig in the cage together, but i told her shes not allowed to die on me.



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