i’m slowly getting over the fact that life will never be as exciting as it was when i was 15 and 16 years old.

working 6-close tomorrow. which is cool cuz i got most of the day to chill.

halloween is 4-close. probably will be mad busy.

today was hella busy. good thing i didnt close. i went in, and shit was off the screen. i stuck around till 10 though. doug got me beer 🙂 i got paid too, $522.51. i had to cash it cuz i needed money to get gas. its easier to make bank deposits with just checks anyway instead of money

i swear.. when i visit new york in march.. i’m totallyyyyyyyyy smoking a fucking blunt!

awesome song

coco playing with tape. when he sat still with it between his paws, you cant see because hes all black but he was looking right at me.

silly kitties ❤

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