i am so mad! i was having such a wonderful day and then this asshole totally fucked it all up

today was so much fun and so easy for me. it was me, kris and katrina as insiders and this guy ordered 3 pizza’s, a typical peperoni, sausage, and cheese. katrina decided us 3 should have a pizza making contest, she made cheese, i made sausage and kris made pepperoni.

these are our pizzas coming out of the oven:

this is my pizza:

this is katrina’s pizza:

this is kris’s pizza:

APPPPPAREEENTLYYYYY kris’s came out best, and mine came out worst. i think they were all sexy as hell! whatevs. but even though i lost, i’m still the manager so hahaha. that made me feel better. i also realized that all 3 of us, have names that start with k so i declared us the kkk’s. it was mad funny. later on dave also told me he was going to subway real quick and he nicely asked if i wanted anything. i said nah but then i remembered they sell cookies there for .50 and im like “o0o0o wait can i have a cookie?” and then katrina bursts outta nowhere saying “i want a cookie!!!” and then dave’s like omg lol and he comes back with like 6 cookies. haha. i also got chris the driver to go get me a hydrive energy drink. yay. i was having mad fun today. eventually i sent katrina home at like 9, and then kris home at like 1030 after the makeline was all clean and put back together.

everything was going mad good. i got all the sweeping done and tables cleaned. some bitch, calls at 11:57, and it was a delivery. chris, the driver, had already checked himself out and gave his money, and i counted it and he was missing $20, i was gonna go say something but after he was going on another delivery, he was just gonna take the money back so i got the mop bucket ready and he came back pretty quickly and he tries to check himself out again and this. asshole. took like a fucking half hour cuz he couldnt figure out what he was doing. i winded up mopping half the store for him.

bottom line, he forgot that he spent money on gas. he was on the phone for like 20 minutes, and i figured out what he did wrong in less than 5.

every delivery, no matter if you get a tip or not, you still make a $1. it’s for the mileage. he had 16 deliveries altogether so that was $16. out of those 16 deliveries, he had some paid by cash and some paid by credit card. the credit card peoples, altogether gave him an extra $10 for tips. so that’s $26 he deff made right there. so everything else he made, was given to him from the cash paid deliveries. Smartly, he and some other drivers keep track of the tips they make on those deliveries. i told him to add those all up PLUS the $26 from the milage and credit card tips. it came out to like $50 something which is what he was correct on how much he made altogether from the day.

i asked him, “now, did you spend any money on gas or snacks” and this guy, is such a fucking moron. i told him “See, this is why i’m a manager” he was on the phone for so long, so bewildered, and its just so obvious. we could’ve been out like a half hour earlier if he only remembered that. That, pissed me off enough. what pissed me off even MORE is how after he finished mopping in like a miraculously 2 minutes, he comes back in the office, as im still counting touching shit saying like “whats this for” and im obviously not done counting. he really made me feel like i stole or some shit. whatever. hes such a idiot. i told him he needs to learn how to count before i left. but really, not only does he need to learn how to count, but how to be on time. a couple times when he was my opening driver, i had to text candy cuz he wasnt answering me, and it was an hour after the store had opened. hes about to get fired so idc.

black opps came out tonight. i couldve fucking been here in time to go get it with angel. now we have to wait till tomorrow. angel is becoming a manager soon at gamestop though, im so happy for her. shes working 830-4 at gamestop tomorrow. im working again 4-close at dominos tomorrow. its been really slow cuz cassano’s is down the road from us and they sell pizza too and they just added more stuff to their menu so now theyre like always packed now. oh well. easier on me.

sniffle’s died earlier today too….. angel buried her without me. i wouldve cried anyway. shit sucks. it really sucks  cuz she used to squeak and purr and now the only noisy animal left are the cats and theyre being so obnoxious right now running all over the place. lol oh well.

i need more beer. angel told me to wait 10 more days. shit.

this is my offensive car.

this is my beautiful sexy girlfriend with our beautiful sexy (smelly) kitty moe

idgaf face

idgaf x2 face

idgaf x3 face

someone’s getting this for their birthday 😉 they dont know it yet ❤

angel says its bedtime<3

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