sooooooooooooooooooo its still angel’s birthday. yay!!!!!!!1

shes totally not drinking. even though i bought her a $25 bottle of hynotiq. i watched her , i watched her show off her ID and everything. it got me all excited. i dont like it. but its alright with beer. hahah. shes totally zoned in her game right now.. but i totally love her. shes the cutest fucking person in the worldddddd and its even hotter that she puts up with my dumb bipolar moody shit. and Oh, My, God, do i love her hugs. She is my beanbag teddy bear pillow.

also, i have a weird obsession with ears. even more when they’re cold.

i havent drank liquor since NEW YORK.

and so… bayside tweeted how they were coming to cincinnati… not really.. cuz i looked like 9553465363 times for the date that says they’ll be in cincinnati.. and i quite frankly dont see shit… BUT its cool cuz i see one for covington, KY which totally isnt EVEN an hour away… OH MY GOD. BAYSIDE. JANUARY 19TH. SILVERSTEIN. JANUARY uhhh January 9th. the plan is to be in NY from january 5-12th. SOOOOOO I TOTALLY GET TO GO TO BOTH

OMFG. i feel like running.

i’m posting this video to commerate my excitement for life. the best part of this video is that its a cat.

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