its like 430… man… im totally gonna be into my old sleeping habits.. all closing, no opening… its cool though.. totally got overtime this week and next week. i wasnt even supposed to close tonight but everytime candy schedules herself to open-close, i always offer to close.. its the easiest way to get more hours because i know shes tired and duhhh more hours=more money.. i was gonna sleep as soon as i got home but lol!@that

now im totally drinking, angel was sleeping with me too but she got out and now shes playing video games.. im so mad at her.. i couldve at LEAST cleaned the dishes before i left cuz i had a half hour after i got out the shower but noo she wanted to cuddle. we need to go food shopping too. so we cuddled, i went into work 15 minutes late and lazy as fuck and when i got home, garbage is knocked over, litter box is knocked over, theres shit on the carpet and shes playing fuckin video games. i asked her if she did ANYTHING at all while i was at work (345-230am) and she showered. that was it.

ugh my fucking god…

i dont care anymore, moe and coco need to go, i cant stand their shit. i should probably do dishes since im up, but i’d rather drink and update this

im not even gonna bother changing out of my uniform. i gotta work 3-close tomorrow. which is midnight at least. angels working 5-930. i really hope she fucking cleans something. i dont understand how the hell she can just play video games all day. like holy fucking christ. it makes me so mad.. they’re her “life”… but yet i can’t smoke a damn blunt every once in a while.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

i thought i was gonna get shot tonight. i just got mad paranoid. there were 10 orders the last hour and i learned the phone doesnt stop ringing till 1:01 cuz this goddamn bitch called at 1. and i cant believe i took her order.. im retarded. so anyway, i thought i was gonna get shot cuz this one guy, who actually turned out to be a regular, he came in cuz i convinced him to come pick up his food to help my driver curt out since he had 8 deliveries all in crazy directions and he came in like a half hour after close and before he comes in, im just buggin out cuz its so late and curt was on deliveries and i was by myself and lol idk im retarded. my heart was seriously pounding when he came in. it probably didnt help that i had chugged like 2 & 1/2 hydrives. i was all nice when he came in, omg he scared me so bad too cuz he was all pale white and he looked like a monster at first. im so crazy

im so scared of getting shot or stabbed. like,, that shit is probably so painful… or getting cancer.. or some crazy shit… i think i’d rather kill myself. like how? how the hell do you live in the moment of it? oh my god..

i’m glad angel likes her lava cakes..

OH i wanted to update in here.. something today that made me feel super happy. me and candy were talking. and she told me about these 2 girls before, how they fucked her over. like she gave them raises and whatnot and they were bitches and stuff and she eventually fired them. she told me how like, she fired them, and then she saw my application to work here. and its sorta basically like, i was meant to work there. and i told her how, of all the dominos i applied at, which was pretty much every one in the area, i’m glad i got trenton because it’s the busiest. therefore i can get more hours and have more fun with my time working. and we basically concluded it was fate that i started working here. idk it made me feel awesome.

im so bored. im so freaking excited for silverstein and bayside. life rules. i’m so lucky. i seriously am.

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