december 22nd – hit the lights in covington

january 5th-12th going to new york

january 9th – silverstein at the chance

january 19th – bayside in covington


i woke up today at like 4, after dreaming of eating 4 ice pops and my arm was soo weirdly positioned, like when i woke up i was like, wow is that my arm? i hope thats not my arm like that and it was like, when you weirdly position yourself then you try to move, but you have to get your other hand to move it cuz you cant feel it so you have to get your other arm to move that one arm cuz its like dead weight.. lol@me. i was like.. angel its 4 and shes so?

lol she wore a lot of rainbow today. i love when she wears rainbow. we got her phone turned on today. i called her

i called her. this means, when im at dominos, and i get mad, i can call her. we can talk. when im mad.  im pretty fucking happy. so now i can bitch at her. instead of talking to myself about how i wanna kill everyone and then kill myself. im pretty fucking crazy when i close sometimes. not all the time. just sometimes.

shes cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had 6 beers last night. i think tonight’s a hydrive night.


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