sooooooooo thanksgiving was nice… went to angel’s grandma’s.. everyone was nice. it was basically her mom, stepdad, her sister, 3 brothers, and i guess her uhh step uncle and step aunt and step cousins? lol and it was her step grandpa and step grandma. the word step is becoming annoying now

turkey is awesome. i got mad fat and and i thought i was gonna explode for a moment in time. then i got tired as fuck. then me and angel went home and slept for an hour. then i had to go to work. it was only me, ashley and david. we thought it was gonna be slow as fuck. instead it was pretty busy. probably cuz there was this football game. but before it was ridicadonkadykulous, ashley put together this BADASS thanksgiving pizza, and it was the absolute shit. it was so awesome. i brought angel home a slice. she liked it too<3

i want to bite angel’s face. but it would hurt her so i can’t 😦

ummmmm today me and angel slept all day. we literally woke up like a half hour before we had to leave for our job places. i didnt have to close tonight which ruled. shit i left my paycheck at dominos. thats what i forgot. oh well. i got like $96 taken out from taxes. lamee. its like 600 something. i got 44 hours next week which totally ruleeeeeeessssss and candy somehow still manages to give me 2 days off still. word. tomorrow i gotta close though. sucks. oh well.

my highlight of the night was playing with bubbles. i washed the makeline dishes and put the soap in while the water was still filling up the sink and it overflowed and i picked up a handfull of bubbles and just threw them all over the floor and walls. and everyone’s reaction made me laugh. i was happy.

lil bit is a crackhead kitty who runs from air.<3

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