so now that i’ve cried for about 2 hours and told angel everything, i feel a little better to write in here

seth is a fucking pussy. i did the absolute right thing but yet i’m the big bad asshole.

why do i know this lady’s life story? i dont know her name or her face. i know shes lived in her house for 26 years, has dog, her husband has left her and now shes gonna lose the house. she completely ruined my fucking day.

she only had $4. her hoagie, and her two sides of pepperoni and sausage which she was gonna feed to her dog cost 9.99 all together. she probably has no food in her house assuming since shes feeding her dog fucking pepperoni and sausage. so why the fuck do you order dominos? so why do you cause such a scene for me?

she called to ask if it was okay, to pay the rest tomorrow. she’d even give her drivers license till she got here. i said no. because like ANY fast food place, if you dont have the money, no food. Now, i give out free orders all the time when something is wrong, with no argument at all. its not worth to argue and i dont care. but if you dont have the money, for an order that has nothing wrong, thats drawing the line. besides if you’ll have the money tomorrow, why not wait tomorrow? thats what i would do. in fact,  i once went through a taco bell drive thru not realizing i had any money. so i left. and i came back. i didnt say, “oh! here’s my license. thanks for the food i’ll be back” no thats not how it works.

i even called candy to verify what was wrong and right. and she knew about everything that happened tonight.

seth was already on his way with her food, so after her telling him her goddamn life story, being the fucking faggot he is, he just gave it to her. and he even paid in full what she owed him when i checked him out. OH BIG FUCKING NICE GUY. GREAT. so now i’m a huge asshole because i’m a manager and oh my fucking god. THE WORST PART OF THE WHOLE NIGHT. seth. after i called candy and she said i assumed the right thing and i was going to tell seth in case of it happening next time

i didnt even fucking finish and he said “please dont bitch at me” i was soo fucking mad. that was so fucking disrespectful… as a manager i can fire somebody and i have done it before and i swear to fucking god.. hes such a fucking idiot.

he fucked up 4 times today. 1st time he mixed up an order that was no big deal, 2nd time was giving that lady her fucking sandwich that she broke down over (breaking down over a sandwich? please go somewhere else. dont order dominos) 3rd and 4th time, he took 2 orders and put them in the back of his truck and they completely got fucked up and we had to obviously remake BOTH of them and then one of them, the people had called back and i had to give their $25 order for free. NICE.

end of the line, this lady got what she fucking wanted

and YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE SHE DOES? omfg, this is hilarious as fuck

she calls back, talks to dave on the phone for like 20 fucking minutes and dave has to bitch his way through it with her saying “she transfered from new york, you know how those new yorkers are” and she wants to talk to corporate and talk to brad (candy’s supervisor) and get me fired

get me fucking fired for not giving out food to someone who didnt have enough money

i went home tonight and fucking cried because of this fucking lady.

thank you, fucking bitch.

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