december 1st. it snowed.

today me and angel woke up at like noon-ish. i showered and put dishes in the dishwasher. winded up falling back asleep because my body feels weak and my throat is sore and i’m hawking up grossness from where my throat is sore. before my shower though i took a daytime coricidin hbp pill, didnt really do anything.

i woke up at about 415 cuz angel needed me to bring her to gamestop. my car had snow on it so i sprayed some of that badass de-icer spray bottle i have in my car on my back and front windows. works awesomely. the shit thats already in my car is good too. i have a snow scraper and brush in one in my trunk so i’m ready for the blizzards i guess… i dont think i have snow tires though. hopefully there’s such thing as snow plower trucks around here haha. i came back home and put dishes away and washed some more that didnt fully get clean, i cleaned the old bunny cage and put it in the bedroom closet, i put my clothes and things back away that i packed the other night cuz i was mad.

after an hour and a half of cleaning and whatnot i laid back in bed for an hour. didnt sleep. getting chills even though its 76 in here, head hurts a little so i took an ibuprofen pill. hopefully it’ll help my body stop from feeling weak. my immune system isnt working too well.

i gotta open tomorrow. i have to wake up at 9. i dont get off till 7 and im hoping i can just sleep when i get home.

i’m in the process of coloring a fuzzy poster with a lot of hearts, stars and a big sun and a big moon on it. its gonna get rainbows everywhere for sure.

amanda says i should be getting something in the mail very soon.

we need butter. and another gallon of milk. and q-tips. and some kind of drain cleaner for the bathroom sink.

i wanna go out to eat tonight

i want to feel better.

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