OMFG. amanda made me this mix cd and its so fucking awesome, every song is fucking techno except the first and last but the first song is black eyed peas – tonights gonna be a good night and the last song is “i wanna take you to a gay bar” by i dont know who but omfggggg im gonna crank this shit everyday in my car till i get to new york this shit is fucking crazy and makes me wanna party like old times, i got goosebumps and everything. i cant fucking believe she got shirobon songs on there! and shes got 4 of them! i fucking love shirobon



and seth fucking quit, hell yes! no more pusssy ass bitchessssss

lmao. amanda didnt put the warning in the package but she told me earlier that this shit would make me wanna roll face and ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

im tired.

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