i feel old. it might just be because i’m sick. ive been taking cough medicine like its candy. i dont want it to get to the point where i have a really loud cough and it hurts. i HATE when it hurts. it sorta hurts now but its mostly just an itch and the only thing that bothers me is my stuffy nose.

my car is scaring the shit out of me. it makes me really really really sad.

today was not as busy as everyone thought it’d be. i think its because it snowed. even though that makes no sense because once the first flake falls from the sky, people flip shit and call dominos like the world’s ending. idk oh well. i had a really long day. i dont know why it wore me out so much. i’ve done open-closes plenty times before, today was 6 hours less from that. i was just tired i guess. i had a hydrive but it only helped for like a half hour

angel’s making me hot chocolate because she’s beautiful

i love kitties

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