this entry is about jess. this entry is for jess. jess is all over this. lol

she’s the only one who reads this. except the random people who do random google searches and stumble upon a random entry. but this isnt about them. this is about jess

lets seeeeeeeeeee;
shes awesome
she’s smarter than everybody.
actually, i dont even need to give reasons
reasons are for losers
so are video games

i’m a loser. but jess rules and shes my best friend so my loserness counteracts.
did that make sense? i hope it did. oh well jess will understand. cuz she’s got the brain of god.
she will fuck anybody up with her badass use of charisma

my life is worth living because jess is my best friend
shes fucking awesome.
and no matter what, i’d do anything she’d ask of me.
my life is miserable when we’re not friends

here’s an icon for jess

rainbow swirly thing! yay!

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