my feet hurt

i just woke up a half hour ago and now i gotta go to work in 20 minutes.

me and angel need food here.

i only wanna get enough thatll last us till our trip though.

this guy last night cracked me up. he must’ve been drunk. it was like 5 minutes to close or something and he called us complaining how he was trying to call the store on north university blvd in middletown for an “HOUR AND A HALF” and then he was put on hold for like 30 minutes. and he was all like “cant you talk to them, arent they your people” and i told him that i had nothing to do with that store over there and he said “how would you feel if you had people here waiting” and i was just honest, i just said “well after an hour and a half i think sometime in between that i would just give up” and hes all like, “you’re not supposed to say that, you work there” and i mean, its a few minutes to close, i really dont care so i said “i’m not gonna make my driver drive all the way out there out of our delivery area but i will offer you something to come pick up” and hes all like “im not gonna drive out there” and he was all like “i dont mean to be an ass but this is bullshit” and he repeated his first  and second question to me and then some other guy who sounded angrier came on the phone with me and he was all like “WHO IS THIS?! WHERE YOU AT?!” and i told him i’m kayla and im at the dominos in trenton and hes like “THIS IS BULLSHIT WE’RE CALLING CASSANO’S” and i said have fun. i hope he heard that. i think he heard that. hahhaah

the best part? its like midnight. i doubt cassano’s was open. haaahah fucking loserssssssssss

ughhhh i gotta get ready.

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