new years eve was okay. candy hates new years. she said its so depressing and its more depressing as you get older. i think shes either in her late 40s or early 50s. i find it interesting.

i realized i’m turning 20 this year. no longer a teenager. its kinda crazy. everyone always thinks im a year younger than i really am though. idk

the cats are starting to use the litter box more, i’m very proud of them

candy keeps bugging out thinking that i’m gonna go to new york and not come back. its funny. katrina told me that its cuz candy used to have this worker, heather, and she went to florida and never came back. but candy told katrina that she likes me more than she likes heather and she really hopes i dont do that. i thought it was cute. lol

a little after it turned 1/1/11, candy made me make this pact thingy that me and her were gonna have a really great year. it was interesting. she was pretty into it. i’m curious as to what she’s planning.

candy also told me about how after a full year of working with their store, as a manager, i get to have a full week’s paid vacation. paid for 45 hours. that is completely amazing. i cant believe she’ll let me do that. i’m so happy about it.

angel is so awesome. me and her have been doing really good lately
i love that she makes me cereal every morning
and that she always talks to strangers when i dont want to.
and that she helps me more than she ever has.
i love that she loves me.

we’re gonna watch the south park movie now, i just had that “kyle’s mom’s a bitch” song in my head earlier so i told angel to download it.


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