i dont need a ‘god’ to help me have a reason to live.

its all about being alive. Being. its all just cause and effect

we live just because we are alive

everything that happens is at random. or because of cause and effect.

there is no sense.

there is no greater purpose to doing whats morally good or right
but do it anyway because we all know it is whats good and right


they say they live for themselves and they think its sad that others need religions to help them have a reason to live

but i dont get it. i dont get infinity, forever, eternity, everlasting. it just goes on and on. OF BLACKNESS.

nobody knows how long outer space really goes… it does seem pretty dark.. but i dont think its a bunch of nothing.. i mean.. i could understand a theory of going out the same way you came in.. but before you were born, you were nonexistent. you were nothing. it was blackness until about the age of 3. or how ever old a human is when their memory starts working. memory is all this is. if humans didnt have a sense of memory, we would just be like the worthless pesky bacteria you see under a microscope. or like dope heads fucked out of their brains staring off into nothing for hours. but anyway, before you born, it’s blackness. after you die, as far as i know, you rot. but your bones remain. your existence remains. your body and organs dont.

but what the fuck are spirits and demons and aliens. hasnt there been proof? why would it be controversial if there hasn’t. the government cant hide everything.. only enough to keep society in its normal order..

why are we here? just because we are?

thats like asking someone why they love you and they say something so undescriptively simple and easy. such as “you make me smile” “because i do” “you make me laugh” “its hard to explain”

its not enough. i’m not fulfilled unless i have answers
i’ll never get this out of the back of head

i guess the sad beauty in life is never knowing the answers

and then when you do, you still don’t know. because after death, your brain is supposedly gone..

getting old is the scariest thing ever. new years is a celebration of surviving another year. but the downfall of it is getting older.

it never gets easier. it only gets harder.

if this life is all you have, you better go through with, and do what it is that you truly, deeply, and you most desirably must have to do.

because tomorrow is already gone.

this is just a online blog entry. it’s nothing.

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