angel mae spiers is the most beautiful soul i’ve ever,


met in my whole life

i am a monster compared to her

i swear to god i’d die without her in my life. maybe not physically die, but everything i feel, everything i know would die.

she’s the universe to me.

she keeps my world spinning around

angel i love you. i’m never leaving you. i swear on my mom’s grave. i will never abandon you.

i love you so much. and every time you cry, i dont know what to do.
i dont want to make you cry. i know i’m a monster but i promise i dont mean it.

i love you. and even when we grow old and wrinkly
i will love you

i love you.

i’m horrible. you’re amazing. you’re amazing.

your love is better than life.

your eyes are epic.

your skin, your lips, are precious, more than all those shiny jewelry’s we saw in the city today.

you’re more cuddly than any soft fuzzy thing i’ve ever felt

angel mae spiers. that name gives me wings.

love is just a 4 letter word.

your personality, you’re completely, out of this world.

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