so tonight candy added an extra $50 to the store till so i shoulda came up $50 over, but instead i only came up 35 over. 15 dollars missing. last night was 8. so i told candy cuz ive been telling her the ending till and labor every night lately and shes pretty upset about it and i feel bad too. so we’re trying to think of a plan to only have one person hold the key a night so we can figure out if maybe someones taking it or what. i really dont know. its so complicated, really.

but the reason i’m updating is because of me and candy’s text coversation

Me: okay. word. time to start cracking down. this will be fun haha
Candy: hahahahaha….. there ya go. i knew i liked u for some reason and i’m so happy i hired u….
Me: aww haha i am pretty awesome, my old manager actually wanted to give me his store but i came here instead cuz i didnt want to stay there. true story
Candy: i’m starting to see why now….
Me: bahahaha dominos is fun!
Candy: most of the time…hahahahaha….
Me: lol that is very true

it was so awesome. i felt so awesome. candy likes periods and dots too, thats why she types so many. we already went through with that

i’m gonna go take out all my happiness on angel

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