so its 4 in the morning.. i’m chilling and drinking… i believe i very well deserve it.. i dont even know the last time i had a day off but tomorrow is the first in a long time.. i already have 36 hours in, not including saturday and sunday so thats gonna be deff somewhere in the mid 50s. my paycheck on the 3rd is gonna rule hard.

tonight was mad busy. so was fucking last night! but tonight, it was 11:44, 16 minutes to close and i took 3 phones calls back to back. (there was 6 orders the last hour, a normal night is 1-3) i just gave up after that. it took us a hour and half to get out after midnight. shit sucks. it doesnt really seem like much but when there’s only one insider, one driver and a ton of cleaning to do, it sucks.

curt said something though that made me feel better after it all. he said i could handle any store in lou metro’s area that i wanted. lou metro is some corporate guy who owns 19 domino’s stores in the area, trenton is the busiest of all. honestly, i’ve seen the sales the other stores make, and i do not even GET why they are open. trenton makes perfect business.

there was this other girl who came in who was totally awesome, she originally placed her order through her ipod she said. this has never happened before. curt took the order so i have no idea what it was really like but it was basically a robot speaking and i asked her when she picked it up how she put it through cuz my driver was confused and she said her ipod! she also wanted to add a cinnastix when she got in so that took an extra 6 minutes and we talked about how crazy that was and it was cool how it was so easy going between us. she talked about her job at chipotle and her ipod she got on xmas. i thought she was awesome. she even gave me a 3 dollar tip when she signed her credit card receipt! although the other day i made $5 for no reason haha it was sweet

candy was taking deliveries earlier on during the dinner rush and when she clocked out, it was fucking crazy
she made like $191 in tips.
no fucking lie.
i was wide eyed.
i mean, the only other girl driver we’ve had was ashley miller, and she always made good tips too. and i guess its a sexist type of thing how girls always make better tips

that makes me want to be a driver. but i worry too much about my car i couldnt. my car is everything to me. it really is.

the review about bayside’s new album in the new AP magazine with my chemical romance on the cover is suhweeeeeeett

i wanna listen to music.

me and angel are seeing 3 days grace 4/10/11
finally a band we both love.

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