i feel like writing a lot lately. its all because i have a day off. i swear.

its not fair, because i ache for a day off to relax and chill but when i have one now, my mind wanders too much. especially when angel actually is working. it started happening after i was home alone.

so after i picked angel up from work i told her i wasnt feeling good. she hugs me a lot. its nice. i was going through netflix and i found a 50 minute show of national geographic: the moment of death. it was something like that. it was intense. it was scary but it sorta made me feel better at the end. but not really. cuz i figured the only reason they started talking of something spiritual happening after death is because their show is shown to the general public and thats what they were supposed to do. just like the majority of main stream songs are written about sex and partying.

i dont know. angel says i need to quit thinking about death too much because we’re too young. i dont believe that either.

i can’t express either, how much, every day that goes by, i am dying for the new bayside cd to come out. hopefully it gets here exactly on february 22nd. i pre-ordered it on interpunk and i should be getting this poster with it.

i can’t even describe how much i love bayside. i almost cried when i saw them 10 days ago. they started playing landing feet first, which anthony wrote about his ex-wife, there’s so much passion in the way he sings. i wanted to cry. i dont care how lame it sounds because there will never be a band i can completely connect with like the way  i have with bayside. there’s always been this positivity i felt about bayside that made them stand out from all the other bands i love. silverstein, valencia, story of the year, a day to remember, i love them, they all get my heart but bayside just gets my soul. i cant even explain.

even though it somewhat destroys the anticipation, i so badly just want the songs to leak so i can listen to it now. its only somewhat does but it doesnt matter that much because they stated they were gonna be releasing the album in february since like october or november. so i’ve already been waiting forever. i just know its gonna be playing on repeat for weeks anyway.

bayside needs to be around forever.  i couldnt even imagine how i’d deal if they decided to break up. i’d be lost

i’m not even kidding. i would not know what to do. i dont even think i’d care much about music anymore. valencia is the only other band that keeps me interested, but i dont even listen to new bands anymore. i feel like i have a hard time getting into anything else anymore. silverstein supposedly has a new album coming out soon, but i dont even know what it’ll be like. their new ep transitions, doesnt really fit with their album title. transitions is about change, but the whole ep just seems like nothing new. i mean, its good, its definitely silverstein, but there doesnt feel like anything exciting on it. replace you is the only song that stands out a little.

i dont know. i need to stop getting old.

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