i wish there was a number i could call..
just to say hey thats all..
or even better, what’s going on..
we both know its been so long

you’ve been gone.
so much has happened
you’ve met your end
and all i’m left
is with what could have been


i’m alive on this planet called earth
and if you’re there i wish you’d make it heard
you know i’ll never stop remembering you
and i’ve only got years on and years more to go

your existence has never felt more distant
and i know it will feel worse
i need you here, it’s too much to bare
what is all this remorse?

it’s been a while since i’ve written any poetry
but inspiration has suddenly struck me

it’s your disappearance and my neediness for your presence
or at least your voice.
these words aren’t helping. they don’t change anything.
my mission is void.

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