its so crazy how time just keeps going… and it keeps going..

sometimes i wish i didn’t take so many pictures.

i remembered when i was in high school for the last few months, and weeks
and as i walked down the halls, i tried to keep telling myself that i’d never see it again
and even still it feels like i didn’t grasp it enough
how do you truly grasp something? or truly cherish and appreciate it?
enough to the point when you know you did it enough to not miss it when it’s gone.
it’s impossible.
i don’t miss the high school building, or the kids, or anything really.
it was just my friends. seeing them in classrooms or the hallways. and lunch.
it was freshmen, sophomore and junior year. senior year wasn’t completely out of touch either i guess.

sometimes i wish i didn’t take so many pictures

or i just wish someone missed and looked back and reflects as much as i do. but i doubt it.

The Park was my refuge. The Nobodies was my family.
Our adventures.. was the peak of my life.

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