i was playing this video

it’s basically this guy talking in the background about gay families. talking MAD shit

and angel heard him, and she’s like wow he’s an idiot

i told her, “this is who you’re trying to show respect for”

and she got mad. she’s like “omggg here you go again” and i didnt hear the rest.

it’s true. she’s a fucking idiot.

i played it again. and she commented how “actually aids starting because somebody fucked an animal”

and again i said, “angel, this is who you’re trying to respect. i wish you’d say it to his face” and she said “i would” and i said “yeah right. this is what someone would do, if they had seen us kissing at dave and busters” and she said “and you want that to happen?”

and i said “yeah, i do. because they’d make themself look like an asshole. they would be the one attacking us. they would be the ones thrown out. i would love to see an asshole get humilated anyday”

she didn’t say anything. she thinks this is like the 1900s or something. she’s fucking full of it.

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