listening to bayside

i remember when bayside played in poughkeepsie once

it was this huge festival thing. anthony was still with nicole/kylee

they werent married yet. but they were engaged.  can’t remember if it was december or november but i know they got married in january.

i met both of them. i told nicole she was one of the prettiest girls i’ve ever seen. she was shy and she smiled and she really was absolutely adorable

i saw her and anthony kiss too, either before or after i talked to them.
he was so happy. and knowing all these songs are about her..

i wish anthony was my friend. i’d love him. i relate so much right now its so crazy..

i’m reading his words, and listening to this music, i feel a sense of completeness on my soul
bayside will always be my favorite.

i still follow nicole on twitter. she used to have a formspring but i guess she deleted it.

it’s like she doesn’t even care

she’s said that anthony is a great guy but it just didn’t work between them. she posted something on twitter like yeah yeah blah blah sick sick sick i know its about me devil in a dress sex capades deliver checks ok enough

the whole album is about her though

i remember reading somewhere, i forget where, but it was a bayside interview and someone asked anthony about his wedding and he said it’s really great “it’s like we both saved each other”

it’s just crazy. maybe i’m creepy but idk.

i really love this cd.

getting 6 bob marley drinks tomorrow.

i cuddled angel last night while we slept. but tonight she’s all angry so i can’t.

i just can’t figure her out… she’s just impossible. for me.

but this album lifts my heart. because i was crying but listening to it, writing in here

i know i’ll be okay.

especially with this cd and a fuckin bob marley<3

i really need to get a prepaid phone soon

katrina said me her and zach can go gayclubbing i just gotta pick a date

zach is totally cool going to a gay club

these 2 are really my best friends right now.

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