i love smile empty soul
i miss amanda
i don’t understand life
i especially don’t understand why we feel
like, who cares? why care?
i just wanna be 15 or 16 again

“I hate the smiles and I hate the flies
That buzz around the bullshit
I can’t wait to die so all the mouths
Of the vultures can be fed”

i want that on my gravestone.

i feel disgusting.
but why?
who cares..
life is meaningless.

maybe i should listen to a different band now


this entry was pointless




there’s actually something i want to say…

Bayside’s Devotion and Desire and Already Gone have similarities

“you’re not ready.. you’re not ready. Please stop acting like you are. How could i know…”

is equivalent to

“by all means i’m getting mad.. that don’t mean i don’t feel sorry for you. How sad…”

if you just listen to those parts, you’ll see

heh i’m smart

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