i came home tonight and angel was crying

she never told me why

i started worrying it might be because i threw out these 2 pictures she was doing for leslie.. one of them sorta looked like she was putting a lotta work in it… lololol

now im hoping its because something happened between her and leslie. i saw over her shoulder a text from either her or leslie that said “what do u kno about me” haha

but she never told me. she told me she just had a long day at work

she chugged this drink called sparks. its got alcohol in it but shes not fucked up or anything. i dont think it has that much alcohol in it.


she was probably just pissed yesterday cuz i came home and then pretty much left right away to go back to my car to smoke that blunt. i swear i probably have enough for 2 more blunts too. its hardcore weed too, its not greens so thats pretty sweet. its probably only lasting me this long because im smoking them to my face though.

its probably wrong and stupid but i still adore angel so much.
i can get so pissed off and frustrated with her though like, SO BAD
and its obviously difficult and complicated since im living with her
for the next 6 and a halfish months
so im obviously always gonna write about her still

some days i think shes so dumb and retarded for just doing nothing but playing video games
and other days like right now, i think shes so cute, getting so into it.

i’ve been selfish a lot. when i think about our relationship, i know i was the asshole for the most part
i can’t hate her for anything
i just get mad at her for being so dumb//really fucking dumb sometimes

i might only be saying this because im drinking.

im thinking about smoking later….
this moderation thing totallyyyy doesnt work for me lmao
ive also decided that getting high + the bob marley drink = the best feeling.

but anywayz

i gotta pee

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